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June Blooms - Our Top 7 Water Lilies Available This Week

Water lilies plants and gardenWater lilies - the crowning jewel of any pond

Look at any great pond space and you might notice that almost all of them feature at least one water lily. Delicate blooms sitting majestically across a spread of deep green and mottled purple foliage - it's a sight to behold, and one that never gets old!

Benefits and impact

Perhaps the one plant that can singularly make the most impact in the water, it's easy to see why water lilies are one of the most popular choices for pond owners. 

They don't just look great either - they also attract pollinators, provide much needed coverage via their coloured foliage, help regulate the sunlight reaching the pond floor, and some of them can even be used medicinally for a range of health benefits.

Coming in a wide variety of colours and sizes, the diverse 'nymphaea' can be suited to anything from small water tub containers, all the way to large lakes. 

Our professional recommendations for June

Below we've hand picked for you 7 of the very best water lilies available in the nursery this week. We only give this information to our exclusive newsletter readers, so get a head start this Summer with these stunning varieties. 

Expect these beautiful plants to add impact to your pond and provide another aesthetic focal point for your water-garden spaces. (NB: While stocks last)

Through the changing season we'll be updating you with the best looking plants so that you don't miss out! 


1. Nymphaea aurora (2ltr)

Nymphaea Aurora water lilyAn excellent choice for any size of pond, they produce exceptional blooms of changeable colour - yellow on the first day, turning orange the second, and finally into a pinkish-red colour. 

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2. Nymphaea pygmaea rubra (2ltr)

Nymphaea pygmaea rubra water lilyThey produce the smallest flower of any hardy water lily and so are ideal for smaller ponds and containers. The blooms are prolific and fragrant. 

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 3. Nymphaea Barbara Dobbins (3ltr)

Nymphaea barbara dobbins water lilyProlific and hardy, producing unusual yellow-peachy flowers with a pink flush. Darkening green foliage and prominent blooms make a great impact in the pond.  

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4. Nymphaea Pink Peony (3ltr)

Nymphaea Pink Peony water lilyWidely popular for its balanced form and stunning blooms, the Pink Peony is easy to grow and suitable for any size pond. 

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 5. Nymphaea Colorado (3ltr)

Nymphaea colorado water lilyThis elegant water lily continues to flower a month after most other varieties have stopped. Producing salmon-pink blooms, this water lily is an excellent choice for medium to large size ponds. 

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 6. Nymphaea Gonnere (3ltr)

Nymphaea gonnere water lilyA highly attractive water lily with double white blooms and golden stamens - perfect for medium to large sized ponds. 

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 7. Nymphaea Albatross water lily (3ltr)

Nymphaea albatross water lilyThis graceful variety produces luxuriant white flowers and is easy to grow. It's suitable to for any medium or large sized pond. 

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We hope you enjoy these beautiful varieties, and get in touch if you require any assistance.