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Deep Water Aquatics are fully submersible pond plants that are great alternatives to water lilies.
With large leaves they provide valuable cover for fish and wildlife, and unlike water lilies are more tolerant to shade.
They enliven ponds by oxygenating and maintaining the water, and supporting local wildlife.
They bloom and grow at different rates according to variety and climate.

Plants are supplied in specially designed Finofil baskets, providing the best conditions for healthy growth.
Deep water plants do not require repotting.

Planting Recommendations
1ltr and 3ltr - 1 plant per 1-2 square meters
10ltr and 30ltr - 1 plant per 4-5 square meters

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Aponogeton distachyos 'Water hawthorn'
Aponogeton distachyos 'Water hawthorn'
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Nuphar lutea 'Brandy bottle'
Nuphar lutea 'Brandy bottle'
Nymphoides peltata 'Water fringe'
Nymphoides peltata 'Water fringe'
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