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Molluscs are a brilliant addition as they maintain the natural balance of the pond and add some active wildlife to the environment.
By feeding on algae and producing oxygen, they play an important role in the local ecosystem. 

Molluscs are invertebrates that typically have shells, such as snails and mussels.

There are two common freshwater pond snails - Ramshorn snails tend to live around the pond margins feeding on algae and dead foliage, while Trapdoor snails dwell at the bottom of the pond. Both are suitable for ponds and water tanks.
If needed, the addition of fish can help to regulate the breeding of pond snails.

The Swan mussels available here are a relatively large species of freshwater mussel with shells that feature a pale green and brown colour.
They sit at the bottom of the water feeding on particles of decaying vegetation and small live foods. 
Better suited to medium-large sized ponds, they thrive alongside plenty of wildlife.
They can live for up to 12 years and can bring huge benefits to the overall condition of your pond. 

Ramshorn snails 'Planorbis corneus'
Ramshorn snails 'Planorbis corneus'
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Trapdoor snails 'Viviparus viviparus'
Trapdoor snails 'Viviparus viviparus'
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