Free delivery for aquatic plant orders over £70 (T&C apply)

Replacements, Refunds, Cancellations

Important: If you are concerned about the condition of certain plants please provide order number, postcode, and photography of the plants and all packaging (including outer box) upon arrival, as we require these to process refunds and replacements. 

We work hard with couriers every year to ensure that we achieve the highest possible success rate for all our shipments. However, unfortunately plants do get damaged in transit from time to time.

Usually they will make a recovery in the pond if allowed to rehydrate and given some extra care. Be sure to plant shallower to encourage new growth. Sometimes they may benefit repotting too.

Plants that are merely dishevelled or upturned, and not structurally damaged, do not necessarily require a refund or replacement and will in most cases be absolutely fine once given time to settle. However compensation or replacements may be offered at the company's discretion on a case by case basis. 

In such instances please place in water and care accordingly (repotting if necessary), and wait 3 weeks before following up with us where we can review the plant's progress and resolve the situation accordingly.

We cannot accept refund requests on damaged deliveries without submitted photos. 

We are more than happy to provide replacements if plants do not arrive in acceptable condition, but please observe the requirements above.


Cancellations & Refunds

If there is something wrong please contact us with your query and concerns first before requesting an immediate cancellation. Cancellations can be for a variety of reasons, but in many cases there may be an alternative solution, or simply a misunderstanding.


Cancellations are of course never ideal, but we understand that sometimes this may be required. In order to cancel an order please notify us clearly of the request to cancel, and in good time. A cancellation is not yet confirmed unless acknowledged by us (usually in writing via email). 


We cannot cancel orders that have been put on the picking list, as these will have already been prepared for despatch.

As we work alongside the nursery as separate entities, there is a logistic and administrative process involved that means sometimes we require extra lead time with cancellation requests and we cannot always cancel orders immediately. In such instances we will do our very best to meet your requirements, however it may sometimes not be possible to do so. 

Please accommodate this information whilst submitting your request.

Refund Period

The cancellation and refund process typically takes approximately 2-5 working days to complete, however the allowed period in which a refund is fully completed can be up to 14 days (as per our obligations as a business). 

Fees & Chargebacks

Please note that all refunds may be subject to a cancellation fee of 5% of the total order amount at the discretion of the business.

We would encourage all customers to resolve the issue with us before enacting a chargeback as this incurs extra fees for us. In the case of an unwarranted chargeback (e.g. due to failure to observe pre-order policy information, change of mind, etc.) an additional £10 fee will be applied and the chargeback contested.

As a small independent company refunds have a direct impact on the company finances and the fee recoups the costs incurred with optional refunds. We do our very best to accommodate exceptionally for our customers, but do not tolerate aggressive or opportunistic behaviour as part of a dispute. 

Refunds have a direct impact on the company finances and the fee recoups the costs incurred with optional refunds. 

The information provided here is also referenced on our INFO page. 

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