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Nymphaea Odorata Firecrest water lily

Nymphaea Odorata Firecrest water lily

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The beautiful Nymphaea Ordorata Firecrest produces fragrant pink flowers with red-tipped stamens in the middle. Green foliage mottled with purple sits on the water surface to provide valuable shelter to aquatic life.  

Colour - Pink
Flowers - June to September
Growth - Medium
Depth - 30cm to 50cm
Spread - 50cm to 90cm
Position - Full Sun

Lower lilies gradually into still water to allow the leaves to surface within 2-3 days. Be sure to place away from splashing fountains and in areas that are inaccessible to large fish and ducks, as they will likely feed on your lilies. Remove any dead leaves and flowers during the growing stages.

Water lilies are supplied in specially designed Finfoil aquatic baskets, providing the best conditions for the healthy growth of your plants.

1ltr lilies should be repotted into a 3ltr size or larger mesh basket.

Please check our pots in Plant Care section for suitable Finofil baskets.

All other size lilies does not require repotting; there is no need to remove the mesh basket.

Please follow instructions that can be found on back side of the labels provided.

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