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Ornamental Colour collection

Ornamental Colour collection

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The Ornamental Colour collection is the perfect pack to embellish your pond with colour and character, adding a range of vibrancy, structure and texture. 

All plants are hand-picked to ensure your pack includes the strongest and healthiest selection at any point in the season. 

You can choose a pack size from 4x 3ltr, 3x 1ltr, or 6x 9cm plants.

Please check Varieties for our collection.

This pack include 4x 3ltr or 3 x 1ltr or 6 x 9cm plants of any of the following varieties:

Acorus gramineus variegatus 
Acorus gramineus Ogon 
Anemopsis californicum
Caltha palustris
Cardamine pratensis
Carex panicea 
Cotula coronopifolia
Gratiola officinalis
Houttuynia cordata 'Boo Boo' 
Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon'
Houttuynia cordata 'Plena'
Iris louisiana 'Black Gamecock'
Iris pseudacorus
Juncus effusus spiralis
Mazus reptans
Mimulus cupreus 'Red Emperor'
Oenanthe javanica 'Flamingo'
Saururus cernuus 
Sisyrinchium californicum
Tulbaghia violacea 
Typha minima
Zephyranthes candida 

Little maintenance is required. 

1ltr plants in this selection do not require repotting.

Please follow instructions that can be found on back side of the labels provided.

Your plants will be picked and packed carefully to ensure they arrive to your door alive and fresh. Please unpack orders as soon as possible.

During the "Available Season" we aim to deliver all orders between Tuesday and Friday. According to our stock availability orders might be placed on hold until plants are in a suitable condition to be sent or in case you have placed an order out of Available Season. We will keep you informed via email about a delivery date.

Our couriers will leave orders with a neighbour or in a cool shaded area if there is no one at the address provided.

Please note that we only ship to the UK.