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Ramshorn snails 'Planorbis corneus'

Ramshorn snails 'Planorbis corneus'

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The Ramshorn (Planorbis Corneus) is a relatively large species of air-breathing freshwater snail. Perfect for both water tanks and all sizes of ponds, they feed on algae and enjoy ponds with high levels of calcium. 

These snails tend to live around the pond margins feeding on algae and dead foliage, though they can feed on almost anything. They have adapted to tolerate low-oxygen waters, though prefer warmer water. 

They are commonly brown in colour, though they can come in colours of red, blue and yellow. Selective breeding can be done to yield certain colours, though brown remains the dominant phenotype. As a hermaphrodite species that can self-reproduce and have a life span of up to 2 years. For overpopulated water, predators such as fish can help regain equilibrium. 

One of the Ramshorn's peculiarities is that they can swim on the surface of the water with their shell faced down, which is achieved by filling the shell with oxygen. If contacted during a swim the snail will release this oxygen and sink - a reflex developed to protect itself from predators.

As a useful guide we recommend 5 snails per m². 

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