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Timber Pond - 2m x 1m
Timber Pond - 2m x 1m

Timber Pond - 2m x 1m

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Our 2m x 1m pond planter allows you to create an amazing, full-bodied aquatic display that can be placed in your garden, at the front of the house or even in the conservatory. 

All our Timber Ponds come with a water-proof liner, simply assemble and fill with aquatic soil, a pure freshwater supply, and your wonderful plants. 

Our ponds feature a unique tongue and groove slot system to produce the strongest Pond on the market, it’s built to last and will create a fantastic garden feature. Along with this, our pre-cut tongue and groove slots allow for a quick and easy assembly of the walls of your pond.


(Timber Ponds include a 5 year warranty) 

Width (External) - 1000mm 

Width (Internal) - 792mm

Length (External) - 1000mm 

Length (Internal) - 792mm

Wall Thickness - 27mm

Wall Height - 3 Boards, 402mm

Top Shelf  -  27mm

Volume - 823 Litres, 181 Gallons

We would recommend filling your pond to 5.1cm/2in from the top of the wall excluding the top shelf

Watch the instructional video to see how to build your wooden pond, give you tips on site conditions, the kit content and how to install a pond liner.
Watch the video here

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